Symphony Orchestra Musicians’ Association

SOMA is the voice of Australia's classical musicians, advocating for a strong and vibrant music culture.

About SOMA

The Symphony Orchestra Musicians’ Association (SOMA) is the voice of Australia's orchestral musicians, advocating for a strong and vibrant music culture and representing musicians in Australia's Symphony, Opera and Ballet orchestras. SOMA is part of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance - MEAA.

Australia's Orchestras are the epitome of musical excellence and creativity. In each of our capital cities and states our Symphony, Opera and Ballet orchestras perform, entertain, educate and inspire millions of us with hundreds of concerts and musical productions every year. They brighten and enrich our lives, employing thousands and making a huge contribution to our entertainment, education, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Supporting Our Orchestras

The Best Employment Standards for Musicians

SOMA is the membership organisation representing orchestral musicians at work and in the broader music industry. When employed with one of Australia's eight major Orchestras, musicians work under collective agreements negotiated by SOMA members and registered by the Fair Work Commission, offering employment security and Australia's best wages and conditions for musicians.

SOMA has agreements with the Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmanian, Adelaide and West Australian Symphony Orchestras as well as Orchestra Victoria and the Opera Australia Orchestra. SOMA and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance also represent all employee musicians in Australia through maintenance of Awards covering musicians in performance and recording.

Supporting Our Orchestras

Music is a public service

SOMA also advocates for music as a public good, requiring political support and funding. Orchestras are expensive and the companies do more each year to leverage audience, corporate and philanthropic support. However the reality is that our Orchestras and their musicians play an important public service, entertaining and educating communities in all parts of the country and as such they need support from Governments. To help out with SOMA's campaigning, click here to get in touch with our Facebook Page - or find "Our Orchestras" on Facebook.

SOMA/MEAA is the leading advocate for Australia's musicians, actors, performers, journalists, crew, technicians and creative professionals. We advocate for the creative industries as an intrinsic public good, but also as an important economic sector, producing billions in revenue each year, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and championing Australian culture across the globe. If you're a creative professional you belong with us.

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SOMA is the leading advocate for Australia's classical musicians, advocating for a strong and vibrant music culture, and the best employment standards for musicians. If you're a classical musician, you belong with us.